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N64 has to be my favorite, loved the mario party games, Legend of Zelda ocarina of time and majora's mask, Super Mario 64, Donkey Kong 64, lets not forget the Duke Nukem
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Sony Always Had & Have The Best Console PS1 PS2 PS3 PSP Always Has The Most Improved Graphics And Games But Mine Is PS2
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For me, it's the Original Xbox. Once modded it became a true multimedia device (with XBMC), like no other I had seen before. I believe the following generations of consoles took a lot from what was capable with an XBMC Xbox.

Also have a soft-spot for the Dreamcast, as I reckon this is the most underrated console of all time! It was just too ahead of it's time!
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I think i have a couple, GameCube was my first console i bought myself on launch day, Xbox 360 is a great piece of hardware ( collecting for a complete retail set), Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS are great aswell!!

Never had much with playstation or sega, great consoles but not that great
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N64 was the first game system I ever had, but that's not my favourite. I think Gamecube is great with great Nintendo-titles and a high video quality with the Component cables (using the Wii's-backwards compatibility).

Dreamcast is really good, with a VGA-box the gameplay looks really great. PS2 and PSone are great, I do enjoy games on there. But all three of them haven't been used for several months now. PS3 is a great system I play more regularly.

I once had a SNES, I liked the games and the technical thought behind, but didn't get much enjoyment out of them.

I don't really care much for handhelds. So... I would say Gamecube/Wii and PS3 are my favourite game consoles of all time. I mean there are some really great games on Wii. I enjoyed The Conduit very much with the motion control for a first person shooter - really good. Would like more of that.
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