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Default Lunar Silver Star Story Complete / NTSC-J / Front / Back / Disc

Working Designs initially wanted to localize Lunar on Saturn for American audiences to enjoy, as they had done with both of the Sega CD titles, but Sega of America (as usual, at that time) decided to ruin everything. This is the only Saturn game that requires the MPEG movie card, which provides superior cutscene video quality compared to Lunar Complete on Playstation. This Saturn version also came with physical bromide trading cards, a feature curiously absent from Working Designs' beautiful Playstation package.
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Lunar Silver Star Story Complete / NTSC-J / Front / Back / Disc-img003.jpg   Lunar Silver Star Story Complete / NTSC-J / Front / Back / Disc-img004.jpg  

Lunar Silver Star Story Complete / NTSC-J / Front / Back / Disc-img005.jpg  

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